Gilgit Baltistan Youth Network (Mentorship Program)

Gilgit Baltistan Youth Network is a Social Media Network established to align and facilitate the Youth of Gilgit Baltistan under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Learnovation.

Here we are with an opportunity for you to join the network of Students and Professionals from across the Region and help us to build a “Digital Gilgit Baltistan.”✌️

We have started the Mentorship Program to facilitate Youth of Gilgit Baltistan with:

  • Building Entrepreneurial Mindset.
  • Soft and Technical Skills.
  • Workshops & Trainings.
  • Internships, Govt and Private Jobs Hunting.
  • International Employment Opportunities.
  • Business Opportunities.
  • Competitive Exams Mentorship.
  • and much more.🎯

You can now join the Program as Trainee or Mentor. Please click on the below “Apply Now Button” to get Registered for the Program.

Become part of the Mentorship Program 👇👇

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